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Da_Ch33ze 2013年1月7日上午9:26
Testing Community Maps
Hey guys/gals

I've been trying out some of the Workshop community maps and was wondering if there are people on here that have made a map and want it tested?
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| \_/ () 2013年1月7日上午10:13 
yeah, try mine, aspecialy ''companion agony"
Little Box 2013年1月7日上午10:29 
here are mines :)
Little Box 2013年1月7日上午10:31 
Especially the modded ones. I'm pretty sure they are good, but would like to see others comments aswell :)
Metroturnip 2013年1月9日上午12:34 
Hey I would really appreciate if you could try mine :)
Asha Man 2013年1月14日下午11:51 
Spent alot of time on this one. Everybody who posts on this discussion, lets try each others maps and rate them :)

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