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Rock of Sham 2013年1月6日 17時16分
*For anyone who hasn't played co-op yet:*
What's up guys? I'm guessing with the recent Holiday Sale, several people picked up Portal 2. Do any of you newcomers (who HAVE NOT played co-op yet) want to help me get the Professor Portal achievement? I will help with any achievements that you'd like help with. Thanks in advance! :)
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| \_/ () 2013年1月6日 23時11分 
I don't think anyone is gonna answer that. What I did to get this achievement is that I just scrooled down the community hub, clicked on users ,posted screenshots from the single player or not so big community chambers and viewed their game stats. If anyone hasn't got the ''high five'' achievement, he obviously hasn't played CO OP before. send him a friend request and just wait . there are many users, that haven't played CO OP so someone will add you soon. then you just ask him to play.
Rock of Sham 2013年1月7日 8時42分 
Thanks man, appreciate it. (This achievement is HARD!!)
Le_Serenite 2013年1月7日 9時03分 
please can you GUYS try mine and another from my collection http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118741921
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