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what should portal 3 be about?
valve needs to make a portal 3 and i think portal 3 should be about the robots having revenge on GLaDOS please tell me your opinion
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glue 2013年1月6日 12時05分 
I think that's a great idea! Though i've only played Portal 2 and not finished it yet, it still sounds like a great idea
i think that portal 3 is going to be the return of watly
at least someone agrees LOL
whos watly
popin we did that at the same time
oh wheatly thats a good idea 2
i know LOL
i know u mean that core bot
we did it again!
i dont know whats going to hapen but i know that weatly is going to be in it
are u sure wheatly is in space how does he get back?
i realy dont know whats going to hapen srry
well duh it's not even out yet
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1-15 / 2,839 のコメントを表示
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