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Deathless 2013年1月6日 6時19分
how do I do a co-op offline
it says that i can do a two player offline how do i do that?
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Parslex 2013年1月6日 8時17分 
connect a controller. You'll need an xbox controller and an adapter to hook it up to the computer
Deathless 2013年1月6日 8時29分 
martzyanu 2013年1月6日 14時07分 
mine it's not woking.. i press the damn x like crazy and doesnt work :( do i need to have 2 xbox controllers?? i only have one.. do i need to do smthing different?? please help :)
Call of LAG 2013年1月6日 18時04分 
If you get a XBOX controller with a cord you shouldn't need an adapter. Just plug and play.
martzyanu 2013年1月6日 19時19分 
well.. it's wireless :) and i have an adapter.. suports up to 4 controllers.. it came with the xbox 360 controller.. but it doesnt work.. i can play with it in singleplayer mod, but not spleetscreen :(
martzyanu 2013年1月6日 19時21分 
i think i can play tweeking the game.. with cfg file and developer console.. but where's the fun in that.. if i get the new update.. i'm gonna search the problem.. i'm gonna fiind the solution.. i hope :)
martzyanu 2013年1月6日 19時21分 
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