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Spanners 2013年1月5日 23時52分
Logitech F310 Gamepad doesn't work with Portal 2.
The gamepad works fine with other games but when I use it with portal 2 it allows me to pick menu options but I can't move or do anything in-game.
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Shirae 2013年7月18日 3時36分 
I don't think it's your gamepad (late answer i know).I came here with the same problem and i have the original microsoft xbox gamepad..
RZKY 2013年7月24日 14時21分 
same problem here. but using the wireless F710. the controls are all screwed up. can't even look around.

any solution would be appreciated.
Rigolem 2013年12月3日 11時26分 
same problem over here with the F710...
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