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My Best Friend 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 1:08μμ
3$. Worth it?
3$. Worth it for this game?
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mungry 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 1:31μμ 
dude this is one of the best games ever duh it is
Kappa 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 1:39μμ 
Awsome Game
Daveed93 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 2:09μμ 
I can only agree.
Challah_Money 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 2:10μμ 
It's very clear we are biased.
zivi7 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 2:28μμ 
You get loads of content: several hours of singleplayer with a fun story told by awesome voice actors, an official coop-campaign with its own story and coop-related jokes and finally more than 200.000 single- and multiplayer-maps made by the community.
halorpatson 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 2:57μμ 
100% worth it
gomopitup12 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 3:34μμ 
yesyesyesyesyesyes get it! Now!
Capn.n.Coke 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 3:36μμ 
Worth x10 that!
☢ ✝hé β●y 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 3:38μμ 
Dude are you serious? This is Portal 2 we're talking about. One of the best games that helped Valve get their many awards. I really recommend it
saka 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 3:42μμ 
definitely! really awesome game.
Red Panda 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 3:42μμ 
No, you have to spend atleast 19.99 on this game. Thats how good it is
Monoslap Chap 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 4:13μμ 
you lucky ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Yolktru 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 4:54μμ 
YES DO IT!!! You can do Co - Op mode on it too and thats awesome you can also make your own test chambers for other people or you to play!
Yeezy 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 6:09μμ 
Worth every cent.
SurfinBird 5 Ιαν, 2013 στις 7:52μμ 
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