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Quasi 2013年1月5日 9時22分
Playing community maps?
How do I play community maps? I haven't found any guides on it, and when I click on the map in the workshop there is no option to download, play, or anything that resembles playing the map.
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zivi7 2013年1月5日 9時32分 
You click on the green "subscribe" button in the workshop. This will make the game download that map. Then, from the main menu select "Community Chambers" and either "Singleplayer" or "Coop", depending on what kind you subscribed to.
Quasi 2013年1月6日 8時33分 
Thanks! Does subscribing mean I have to see whatever else that person comes out with? If so, is there a way I can just download the map and now see everything that person does?
zivi7 2013年1月6日 8時46分 
No, subscribing to one map will only get that one map downloaded. Getting news about other maps of the same author requires more clicking: You'd have to click on the author's name on the right and then select to "follow" that author. Even then, you wouldn't be spammed with notifications. As far as I know, Steam just shows you thumbnails of followed authors in the Portal 2 description when you select it at the games list.
1-3 / 3 のコメントを表示
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