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literally the worst 2013年1月4日 18時02分
Submissions for a "best of" workshop collection.
I am creating a collection based on awesome puzzles created by anyone! leave a comment below with the name of your puzzle if you wish to be considered. There are only 2 requirments.

1 Your chamber must be a legit puzzle, not a gimmick
2 I will not except multi part test (as in multiple workshop files)

The collection will be called the best of portal. Check it out!
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Juggler 2013年1月5日 4時11分 
Here's one! It's by no means my hardest test, but I think it's one of the most fun to play. Let me know if you're looking for something more cerebral.

literally the worst 2013年1月5日 7時16分 
thanks for the subbmissions, and co-op maps are fine
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