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lamanorbu 2013年1月3日 9時28分
Co-op partner
Is there someone who wants to play some co-op missions. I'm new to co-op as I have just bought Portal 2, but I have already completed the single player career... Let me know!
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Embrace The Disco ☯ 2013年1月3日 9時59分 
i'll play if you want :)
i've almost done the co-op, but i'll replay them if you want?
ranecks 2013年1月3日 10時01分 
There are an endless supply of single player games still to play if co op missions don't work out. On the main menu click on Community Test Chamber, then click Single Player, and then click Most Popular, and allow it to load. It may take a couple of seconds, so be patient. Then play endless supply of new puzzles from the community or create your own. Have fun.
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