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Something_Incredible 1 jan 2013 om 8:43nm
Should I play Portal 1 before Portal 2?
Are the related to eachother? If so, how? Is there any recap of Portal 1 in Portal 2? If so, Is it accurate and good?
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A Sick 15 Minute Drum Solo 1 jan 2013 om 8:57nm 
yes. you do something quite significant to GLaDOS in the first one and the seccond one will make (pretty good) jokes about it. Even though in my opinion portal 2 is alot better you should play the first one first.
Something_Incredible 1 jan 2013 om 9:24nm 
Ok, thank you!
iSai 1 jan 2013 om 9:24nm 
Yes, you should play Portal 1 before portal 2. I won't tell you if one is better than other, but if you play Portal 2 first, maybe you won't understand Portal 2 totally. Excuse my english =)
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Erebus 1 jan 2013 om 10:01nm 
Yes if not you will be lost in the story.
verocta 1 jan 2013 om 10:26nm 
yes, they are both really fun and I think 1 is easier so you get some experiance, have FUN!
WDA_Ghost 1 jan 2013 om 10:32nm 
I played Portal 2 first and currently playing Portal 1 and I wasn't really lost. I kinda got the gist of what was going on. I still thought all the jokes were funny and everything. But yeah, just play the first one and then the second one. Probably the smart way to do it haha
RockCorgan 1 jan 2013 om 11:48nm 
Hey, is there someone up for some co-op I'm missing some achievements
versace 2 jan 2013 om 1:19vm 
It's personal choice really, I bought and played Portal 2 before the first one, but I didn't really mind at all.
Gobbledigook 2 jan 2013 om 1:35vm 
Both portals are very good, but I suggest playing the 1st one first, then it's like a big build up to the second one.
Aliengamerx 2 jan 2013 om 10:03vm 
you dont need to play portal 1 before portal 2 the only thing you need to know is that in number 1 you kill glados and in 2 she comes back to life. but it tells you that in 2. if i were you i wouldnt waste my money
| \_/ () 2 jan 2013 om 10:26vm 
portal 2 is much cooler and the story of portal 1 is rally simple so you CAN start with P2, but if you don't want to hete the game just because you can't figure out some of the levels, play the first game and you will start to think with portals very soon
USIN 2 jan 2013 om 12:15nm 
You HAVE to do P1 to see the P1 endgame - which for me was the best I have seen on any game... Defo not like I think it was doom, where you won, but lost..... somehow!
Something_Incredible 2 jan 2013 om 12:18nm 
Thank you for all the answers!
mja0w 2 jan 2013 om 12:19nm 
I did not found i hard at all to understand the story. To be honest, i really liked the feeling of not knowing a ♥♥♥♥ about what what going on. I just woke up and met this nice little robot, and then i found out a lot about myself as the game went on.
Bellomy 2 jan 2013 om 1:19nm 
Playing Portal 1 isn't strictly necessary, but I highly recommend it.

First off, it's an awesome game with an awesome story in its own right. The original Portal is clearly more "experimental" than Portal 2, and it creates a cool, minimalistic atmosphere. GLaDOS is also a little bit different (with good reason). Her humor is much more dry, and hilarious in a slightly different way than she is in Portal 2. There are more secrets in Portal 1 than Portal 2.

Even the puzzles styles are a little bit different, with energy balls instead of lasers and a lot more usable portal surfaces.

Second of all, while it's possible to understand what's happening in Portal 2 without the original, the original definitely adds more context. It's easier for you to understand why GLaDOS hates you so much, and why and how you killed her.

And finally, Portal 1 has "Still Alive". It's worth playing just to experience "Still Alive" in context.

In short: It's on sale for five dollars, just buy it and play it!
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