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gnklein92 2013年1月1日 16時09分
cant start game
every time i try to start my portal 2 it says failed to launch the launcher dll, if anyone has a solution to this plz help i miss glados
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MurderousPandas 2013年1月1日 18時36分 
Computer specs? You might not be able to handle the game. You can also try validating the install, it reinstalls corrupted files, similar to what you would do with a full reinstall, but quicker.
gnklein92 2013年1月2日 15時48分 
ive been able to play it before but then it just started doing this, and i havent tinkered with any of the files from portal 2 or the game
Synesis 2013年1月2日 21時35分 
verify the integrity of the game
gnklein92 2013年1月3日 13時03分 
Synesis 2013年1月3日 14時04分 
right click on Portal 2 in youre library, go to Properties>Local Files>VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE
Lord Tony 2013年9月6日 21時11分 
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