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Realy bad framerate issue HELP
i get about 5fps

I have amd fx-6100 6core 3.3
nvidia geforce 630gt
12gb ram

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CJM 30. pro. 2012 v 15.08 
nope desktop
Probably related to your AMD 6 core cpu (though no guarantee on the fixes)



etc etc.

630GT should get 30+ FPS, Win7 and RAM are fine.

Sooo. unless you have some other weird issues which could pop up, then its the CPU as lots of people are having issues with that CPU type and Valve's games it would seem.

On a side note: Not sure if someone has tried it (probably someone has) but if you set affinity for the game to 4 CPUs or less (in this case CPUs means CORES), if that would simply fix it - probably too simple to work.
Naposledy upravil janfebmarch; 30. pro. 2012 v 17.20
CJM 30. pro. 2012 v 17.44 
cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\<game folder>"
start /B /AFFINITY 1 <game>.exe

Or open Task Manager, and right-click the "Process", and set affinity to a single core.

If that works, then it is a multi-core issue, and we can try adding cores.
Naposledy upravil CJM; 30. pro. 2012 v 17.44
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