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Scyther (name subject to change) 28 dec 2012 om 11:06nm
Portal 2 Co-Op PeTi not working
When I invite my friend, after they accept it, it sends me back to the title screen and disconnects my friend. How do I fix it?
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Lightning lft plat 20 jan 2013 om 6:16nm 
Same problem
Jet Fuel 14 apr 2013 om 6:53nm 
yep same havent found anything
Flo2912 19 apr 2013 om 5:28vm 
We have a problem with PTI-Coop, too. Scince an update at the beginnig of February the Game dosn't load maps after connecting us, it seems something is bugged in the PTI-Coop and it seems that it isn't effecring erveryone. The Support doesn't really help , too :(

But here a way to Play Workshopmaps, if normal Coop still working:

1. Add the PTI-Maps to your list.
2. Wait till the Download of Portal 2 Workshop-Content is completed
3.Browse to the File-direction whre you have installed Steam and then go to: steam\SteamApps\common\Portal 2\portal2\maps\workshop
4. Here you should see much folders with names like "558698452574319576" or similar numbers. see wich folders are createt today, and open them
5. in each Folder you normaly should find a image and a .bsp with the same name as the folder. Copy out the .bps file and paste it into steam\SteamApps\common\Portal 2\portal2\maps (your friend has to do it, too. If you change the name of the .bsp file, make sure, your friend use the same name.)
6. enable the developer-Console and link it to a key you wish.
7. Start a normal Coop-Game
8. Open the developer-Console in the hub and type in "Changelevel Mapname (of course replace Mapname with the name of the .bsp file, but don't add the .bsp at the end, just only the name) and press enter
9. Now the Game should change the map to the one you want to play.

I hope i could help you :)

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Scyther (name subject to change) 19 apr 2013 om 11:15vm 
It seems to have fixed itself long ago, thanks for the help though. ^ ^
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