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rochendil 2012년 12월 28일 오후 2시 57분
Portal 2 is not working please help, blue screen shows up
I just bought Portal 2 and whenever I start it, it shows the Valve logos and everything, then theres Chell and GLaDOS loading screen and then a blue screen, then it restarts my laptop. I downloaded it on my laptop, not a PC. Please help! What should I do?
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3trianglep 2012년 12월 28일 오후 3시 08분 
Save up some money and get a PC.
3trianglep 2012년 12월 28일 오후 3시 09분 
That's all I can think of.
rochendil 2012년 12월 28일 오후 3시 10분 
Very encouraging in fixing the problem for a lAPTOP!
living_in_technicolor 2012년 12월 28일 오후 3시 56분 
Hmm, funny it runs fine on my laptop. I need your PC specs to evaluate the problem your having.
King Irwin 2012년 12월 28일 오후 10시 45분 
My desktop pc is having this problem as well
King Irwin 2012년 12월 28일 오후 10시 47분 
And it's a very good computer, 6 core, 32 gb RAM, my friend helped me put it together.
rochendil 2012년 12월 28일 오후 11시 46분 
Its a toshiba laptop,-Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU-t4400 @2.20GHz 2.19 GHz, 2,83 GB RAM. I think it does this bc it gave me a warning that my software did not pass the genuine microsoft software validation, that I'm a victim of software counterfeiting.
rochendil 2012년 12월 29일 오전 10시 49분 
I found a way. Thank you for taking your time to help me. I appretiate it. Thank you.
King Irwin I think you should update your BIOS, I have searched and I have seen it is the most common and biggest problem for everyone who has this kind of problem. My laptop is doomed and cannot upgrade the BIOS ERGO I cannot play Portal. I have found a solution. As said before, thank you for all of your time.
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