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shaqtus 2012年12月27日下午6:17
Intelligent co-op partners wanted!
Pretty self-explanatory. If you have a brain and a portal gun and know how to use at least one of them, talk to me sometime. (I'm asking for someone who will not troll or fail miserably at puzzles. someone who did fairly well completing the story mode. If you haven't beaten the story, then I'll have to ask you to please leave.)
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Lord Thorez 2012年12月27日下午8:03 
You sound like the guy I've been looking for. I've beaten the game.
Lord Thorez 2012年12月27日下午8:06 
But wait, have YOU beaten the story?
shaqtus 2012年12月27日下午8:17 
引用自 Lord Thorez
But wait, have YOU beaten the story?
On the PS3, yes. It's the same as on the PC. I got a new computer today and I only got Portal 2 on this platform because the online play is better.
Lord Thorez 2012年12月27日下午8:24 
Alrighty then. We should play sometime.
camerson1313 2012年12月27日下午8:53 
I have yet to find a puzzle that I can't solve (even ones that are pure execution) and take them seriously. I've beaten story like, 10 times and solved ALL the puzzles in coop by myself (splitscreen 360 controllers). Like you, I want a partner who doesn't noclip around pinging everything in sight just to be annoying. You should add me too.
XxTrebeHxX 2012年12月27日下午9:17 
It is very good.
Bastion 2012年12月27日下午10:26 
I've beaten the story also. Looking back, in certain puzzles i should take less time, but at least i did all by myself, without watching youtube let's play and all that♥♥♥♥♥♥ I'm also looking for someone to co-op.
Sumeron 2012年12月28日下午3:32 
Beaten the story mode, beaten Portal, and gave Portal Prelude a good shot (Although that did get too technical up to a point) and I know how to use a portal gun.
arfelo1 2013年1月7日上午10:32 
you're just like me, I'm bored og the♥♥♥♥♥**es that you find when you play with random. I passed Portal 1, Portal 2 and some chambers from the workshop
Lord Thorez 2013年1月8日下午8:46 
I have beaten both games and played quite a few workshop puzzles. I have come across two puzzles I could not salve.
By the way "Creasy". That was seroiusly funny. But obvously xbox and steam stats don't mix.
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