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Raziel 2012年12月27日上午3:43
Looking for co-op partner..
To solve maps (from community), i am not a newbie, can listen ppl, have mic.... hmm.
No kids please.
Thank you for reading that, Happy New Year!
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Pabulane 2012年12月27日上午5:32 
i could do some co-op'ing, but i'm not so experienced.
if U want just add me and we'll see :)
Rana_Loca 2012年12月27日上午6:10 
i am very experienced I am mature and I love this game im game to play
Raziel 2012年12月27日上午7:48 
Added both, but no one reply. :I
Anton 2013年1月29日下午6:37 
You could add me, but I do not have a mic. I'm always up for some co-op.
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Portal 2 > 综合讨论 > 主题详情
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