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jamiemgs 2012年12月26日 15時55分
portal 2 not installed properly!
i start up the game and it shows the first 2 valve videos(the logo and the bald man with the valve on his head) then it closes when it goes to the loading screen, i checked the files and the file size is only 127mb. so i deleted the game and reinstalled and its still only 127mb big. i last played it months ago and it was fine, but today when i started it, valve had to convert it, any suggestions?
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MajorHunter 2012年12月26日 16時03分 
Did you try revalidating your files?
jamiemgs 2012年12月26日 16時06分 
not sure how to do that, do you mean verifying the game cache sort of thing?
jamiemgs 2012年12月26日 16時07分 
because i have done that, i deleted the game, then when i re download the game it says 127mb required, so thats obviously wrong, i might contact valve but they are usually terrible with any problems i have.
мα∂ѕку[TR] 2012年12月26日 16時22分 
same problem... but i got over with it by updating my bios! it is ridicioulus right, but it worked for me... they say that it is a problem with steam which developers didn't solved it yet. update your motherboard's bios. it needs expertise if you don't have automatic update like gigabyte's @bios app.
jamiemgs 2012年12月26日 16時48分 
cheers, i wouldnt have a clue about updating my motherboards bios lol maybe they will release an update in the near future
gbieul 2012年12月26日 17時17分 
Well, I solved the problem here validating the files as an administrator user. Maybe this could help you, too. =)
MajorHunter 2012年12月26日 20時09分 
I changed some of my ingame setting and finally got my Portal 2 to work. I set my audio to HIGH. I also lowered some of my video graphics settings> I took a photo incase you want to try it.
Engie_Summons_Light 2012年12月26日 21時17分 
Same problem with me, except I can't open the game at all.
MajorHunter 2012年12月27日 0時25分 
The Folder size I have is: (12,818,504,779 bytes) 3,477 Files, 270 Folders.
MajorHunter 2012年12月27日 22時25分 
I also unsubscibed from the steam workshop stuff.
MajorHunter 2012年12月30日 15時36分 
I also have Microsoft

DirectX, Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (ATL), Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable, and AMD Dual Core Optimizer Installed.
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