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AKATSUKI PEAT 2012年12月15日 3時08分
Portal 2 co-op community testchambers problem
hi, me and my friend want to play some community testchampers, but when we go into eachothers game it downloads the map and then heads back into mainmenu, any solutions?
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Miruku 2012年12月15日 4時23分 
could be a single player map, never happened to me though..
AKATSUKI PEAT 2012年12月15日 6時14分 
mh, i go into community testchambers and then on quick game. :s
AKATSUKI PEAT 2012年12月15日 10時48分 
yo, we tested it again, it was devo a CO-OP testchamper. :(
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