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deadpxl723 2012年12月11日 15時44分
OK, so i got portal 2 through the PlayStation store, but i heard the ps3 version comes with a free PC version but it comes in a code and the code is in the box, but you see i didn't get a box because i didn't psychically buy the game.

so my question is, do i get a code or dont i?
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Haereticus 2012年12月11日 16時17分 
You won't get a PC copy
Drachenlord 2012年12月11日 18時13分 
this is why you buy physical copies of console games... shame really
deadpxl723 2012年12月11日 18時51分 
man... that sucks, i guess it doesn't matter, even though i really wanted a pc copy.
deadpxl723 2012年12月11日 18時52分 
thank you for your input
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