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TheLegend 2012年12月8日下午12:40
Portal 2 Download wont start: "Content servers unreachable"

has someone the same problem atm?

I'm from Germany (Portal 1 Download, is okay....)
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_I_ 2012年12月8日下午1:45 
steam -> settings
downloads + cloud tab
change download region to one near you
TheLegend 2012年12月8日下午3:06 
did this serveral times
TheLegend 2012年12月10日下午12:21 
Found the problem...I forgot that I had the internet explorer configured for using a proxy :/
I'm having the same problem and the first fix didn't work. What else can I do?
TheLegend 2013年1月15日上午7:49 
I figured out that a proxy can prevent you from downloading. Try to change the internet explorer settings!
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