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Emperor Penis Mede II (禁止済) 2012年12月6日 16時22分
My virginity has guided me through the harsh times BUT NOT ANYMORE! STUCK in the worst DALEK test chamber EVER!
But now my virginity is fading away from me. I am an adult and yet my virginity still stands by me, guiding me towards the next text chamber.

^ This is what I thought 381 days ago(Counting today.)

But today I think:

Captain's Log 7(day)/12(month)/2012(year).

Day 381. I have been stuck in this test chamber since I abandoned my virginity. Where is my virginity to guide me through now?
I can not think clearly anymore. MY MIND IS FADING AWAY!

Here is my situation
At first, the test chamber only had a button which had a sign on it which said "DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON."
We, I did press the button.
And then the room TURNED INTO A cube(The movie) TYPE CHAMBER.

Yes, my worst nightmare came true. CUBE(That MOVIE D:) IN PORTAL 2 D= !!!
And so days PASSED without any real thought ON HOW THE ♥♥♥♥ I SHOULD GET OUT FROM THIS HELL!?
I went FROM cubeTO CUBE in search for the real ACTUAL EXIT. WELL ♥♥♥♥ !

At day 2 I was starving. Then a sandvich dropped from the ceeling. And I ate it.(I have been eating sandviches for the last 381 days.)

And so days passed AND PASSED with ♥♥♥♥ TO DO.

I have been mining my way out of this test chamber for so many days. I mined and mined with my own portal gun(resulting in severe limb loss.) and so I managed to mind(I had to use my mind to mine because my limbs we're simply vaporized.) my way through the panels. Well I found a cable under them panels. I plugged the cable into my data core.(I am a Dalek.)

Well, I managed to IDENTIFY that cyberspace exists in this test chamber.
So I logged into a Steam account which I managed to hack.

Now, I am writing to all of the people here.
What I am doing right now is not asking for help.
What I am doing now is demmanding help.
You will help me. If not you shall be EXTERMINATED(As soon as I you help me.)

Now, I need a three demanssional schematic of all of the Aperture test chambers, including the CUBE (How mentally ill do you have to be to make a test chamber out of a movie?) test chamber.

Yes, I think this is all.

Oh and BTW... I know you're reading this DOCTAH!
You son of a ♥♥♥♥♥! COuld you have been more stupid to place me in this... pff... TEST FACILITY? Oh and how stupid can the original creator of this test chamber be to include cyberspace into THIS VERY TEST CHAMBER? With cyberspace I can communicate with ALL HUMANS, which shall help me get out(Therefore resulting in a mass murder attempt[Number 20526].)

Well, it does not matter.

You violated me virginity Doctah... YOU VIOLATED MY DATA CORES with your ILL screwdriver. How dare you PLACE SUCH a thing inside me?
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kndiaX 2012年12月6日 17時03分 
Keep Tennant out of this!
Emperor Penis Mede II (禁止済) 2012年12月7日 1時56分 
xenolego の投稿を引用:
Keep Tennant out of this!

You will IDENTIFY him and YOURSELF.

Lechuga ҚndiaҲ (CL) の投稿を引用:

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