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Gonzalo "Pipita" Higuaín 2012年12月1日 19時34分
New easter egg in portal 2?
Hello guys, I was playing portal 2 and I came with something I didn´t see before, it was the form of the lights that looked familiar... so:
Then I saw that white space and something on it.... so I took a picture and i zoomed in and I saw this
Well, i never seen this easter egg before. Thanks for reading. ( An sorry for my bad inglish)
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hero_of_time101 2012年12月1日 20時09分 
i dont get it. hows this supposed to be an easter egg?
Gonzalo "Pipita" Higuaín 2012年12月1日 20時17分 
becouse you can see P-Body and the other robot in the drawings, but you are in 1982, so, they shouldn´t even exist!
Major Havoc 2012年12月1日 21時11分 
I don't think that is an easter egg, it is more like a G-Man sighting.
Jawastar99 2013年2月8日 15時29分 
I'm not exactly shure if this is an easter egg. I think you just saw a resembleance. Nice find though!
Jawastar99 2013年2月8日 15時29分 
Jawastar99 2013年2月8日 15時30分 
Whats with the hearts?
KrossFyre 2013年2月8日 15時43分 
well ya they shouldnt even exist at all. Maybe, its GLaDOS putting them in some type of 'hologram.'
Stimich 2013年2月9日 2時47分 
It's just a texture on some pipe.
Gonzalo "Pipita" Higuaín 2013年2月9日 14時33分 
Stimich の投稿を引用:
It's just a texture on some pipe.

Ha, nice. Now I know what was that :P
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