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Karyus 2012年11月30日上午10:43
Dota 2
I will give Dota Invites (4) and items for this game add me
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[RGers] Major Havoc 2012年11月30日上午11:18 
No thankyou, and please post in the correct forum.
I am an old dotaer. But I have no opportunities to get any beta invites or CDkeys of the dota2 .I like the teamwork game,I like make friends ,so I hope someone nice can give a chance to let me join the family of dota2. Thanks so much--This is from a dota lover of China.My e-mail adress is 448163671@qq.com
need one thank you

mobolo 2012年12月14日上午7:56 
I need one.
Thank you
Wilgeforz.06 2012年12月14日下午11:21 
I wish I can exchange for dota 2 on portal 2
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