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Awakening Glados, and Personality Core Plugin..
Uhmm, i do not understand something about Glados Awakening.
First time, you meet Glados, she got alot of personality Core in her body.
In portal 2 Deverlopers made a new Glados body to give her more emotion,
But it seems there forget Personality Core Ports. so its a bit confusing...

also with Ending, its does not fit well
GlaDos blow up in sky, garage, and cable are broking..
How can she possible be on ground, and totaly connected,??
rumors are that science made a Sec Body (In base 4) that Glados told us, a bit
Why do Aparture science. activeted Old Model of glados? and not New Inprove Glados,.
If Glados crash why did New Glados not Activated Hitself? (safety procedure) and insteed of announcer? and if announcer are online after that why did he not activated glados???...

they need have to give portal 1 Upgrade..
Oh check this also out, Portal 1 Comic she got also Old model /spoiler]

Oh before I forget I love story and i love Game!,
But are things that wonder me

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Extantcy Jan 30, 2014 @ 7:58pm 
Why are you talking about portal in the portal 2 forums?
MilleniumLuigi Feb 2, 2014 @ 11:13am 
in the end of portal 1 you take the personality cores one by one off glados and incinerate them. And over time the lab probably expanded around glados. She was probably connected even in the end of portal, as she just kinda got sucked out of the roof, and blew up a little bit. Enough of her was probably intact to be revived. Another thing is that the ground could have collapsed under glados, and she fell into a lower level of the lab.
piripiago Feb 2, 2014 @ 12:42pm 
not sure why this thread was necro'd...

Anyway, the answer for the differences between Portal and Portal 2 is simply retroactive continuity[tvtropes.org]. The Portal Lab Rat comic is a hand wave[tvtropes.org].
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