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Jay Der 2013年4月28日下午4:44
Since when did Portal 2 want to remember my keystrokes? :/
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Integer Overflow 2013年4月29日下午3:18 
What do you mean?
Jay Der 2013年4月29日下午9:45 
Its been a while since I played Portal 2, and felt like playing it again. But every time I do, my computer's security pops up, telling me that Portal 2 is trying to act as a Keylogger.
....Dunno' why, since its never done this before.
mouse 2013年4月29日下午11:55 
What security software do you use?
Just go with it. With games that can record replays, occasionally antivirus will say it's a screenlogger (because it is...) If the program you're running is an official game, there should be nothing wrong with telling security to go suck an egg.
Jay Der 2013年4月30日下午1:16 
Portal 2 now records replays? Nice to know.
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