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DoZe 2013年4月23日上午10:26
Portal 2 shuts down at the start or loading screen.
So it looks like im not the only one who has this problem. The portal 2 shuts down without any errors or something. It just comes back to desktop. IDK what to do. Im trying to verify Portal 2 files by now. Any solutions ?
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Billy Maize 2013年4月23日下午6:36 
Same problem unfortunatly.
shthouserat 2013年4月23日下午7:47 
no fix yet. you're lucky it only crashes to desktop, a lot of us have it crashing straight to reboot
最后由 shthouserat 编辑于; 2013年4月23日下午7:48
Manbeast 2013年4月23日下午10:46 
i have the same problem since this morning and it worked perfectly yesterday
DoZe 2013年4月24日上午8:21 
Ok so I solved it myself I think. I was trying to verify Portal 2 files and it worked for me. You should try too. If you dont know how: Choose Portal 2, second mouse button, properties and in one of the tabs is verify steam cache files or portal 2 files. Wait for it to complete and try to play.
DarkAquaMage 2013年4月24日上午8:42 
same here. Tried verify steam cache files, three times. Still having the same problem.
totoz 2013年4月24日下午2:57 
trick that worked for me : i noticed that the game does not launch if i've already launched an app that uses "overlay" thing such has skype or mumble client. When i close em P2 starts.
MrPmarch17 2013年4月24日下午5:19 
nothing working for me :(
Jake 2013年4月24日下午6:04 
I have the same problem, it was working just a few days ago wtf.
LexTheWolf 2013年4月24日下午6:11 
mine did the same thing and now it will launch but it has only 2 options "NO STEAM" and "EXIT" wich is rely anoying it takes 40min - 1hr to validate files and closing skype did nothing
Slaughterbot10 2013年4月24日下午6:31 
Can anyone help me with my problem? it has no comments so far, but i would like one to fix my problem thanks...
Manbeast 2013年4月24日下午8:24 
mine works now because I closed an app called raptr. Thanks for tip hum@n turret
DaGolem 2013年4月25日上午8:41 
Same Problem -> start Singleplayer loading Screen = Shutdown

Realy Crap.....Valve do something!
DoZe 2013年4月25日上午9:34 
Like I said. I verifyied game files and it worked for me. Do that and the problem should be gone. NOTE: Do not reinstall the game bcs it wont help. You will only waste your time
shthouserat 2013年4月25日上午11:18 
most of have verified our game files, that's the first troubleshoot. it only seems to work for a few
RedGeneral28 2013年4月26日上午8:17 
Same problem. verifyied game files not work.
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