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DoZe 2013年4月23日 10時26分
Portal 2 shuts down at the start or loading screen.
So it looks like im not the only one who has this problem. The portal 2 shuts down without any errors or something. It just comes back to desktop. IDK what to do. Im trying to verify Portal 2 files by now. Any solutions ?
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Billy Maize 2013年4月23日 18時36分 
Same problem unfortunatly.
shthouserat 2013年4月23日 19時47分 
no fix yet. you're lucky it only crashes to desktop, a lot of us have it crashing straight to reboot
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SheikKhalil 2013年4月23日 22時46分 
i have the same problem since this morning and it worked perfectly yesterday
DoZe 2013年4月24日 8時21分 
Ok so I solved it myself I think. I was trying to verify Portal 2 files and it worked for me. You should try too. If you dont know how: Choose Portal 2, second mouse button, properties and in one of the tabs is verify steam cache files or portal 2 files. Wait for it to complete and try to play.
DarkAquaMage 2013年4月24日 8時42分 
same here. Tried verify steam cache files, three times. Still having the same problem.
totoz 2013年4月24日 14時57分 
trick that worked for me : i noticed that the game does not launch if i've already launched an app that uses "overlay" thing such has skype or mumble client. When i close em P2 starts.
MrPmarch17 2013年4月24日 17時19分 
nothing working for me :(
Andy McKee 2013年4月24日 18時04分 
I have the same problem, it was working just a few days ago wtf.
LexTheWolf 2013年4月24日 18時11分 
mine did the same thing and now it will launch but it has only 2 options "NO STEAM" and "EXIT" wich is rely anoying it takes 40min - 1hr to validate files and closing skype did nothing
Slaughterbot10 2013年4月24日 18時31分 
Can anyone help me with my problem? it has no comments so far, but i would like one to fix my problem thanks...
SheikKhalil 2013年4月24日 20時24分 
mine works now because I closed an app called raptr. Thanks for tip hum@n turret
DaGolem 2013年4月25日 8時41分 
Same Problem -> start Singleplayer loading Screen = Shutdown

Realy Crap.....Valve do something!
DoZe 2013年4月25日 9時34分 
Like I said. I verifyied game files and it worked for me. Do that and the problem should be gone. NOTE: Do not reinstall the game bcs it wont help. You will only waste your time
shthouserat 2013年4月25日 11時18分 
most of have verified our game files, that's the first troubleshoot. it only seems to work for a few
RedGeneral28 2013年4月26日 8時17分 
Same problem. verifyied game files not work.
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