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Co-op Partner WANTED
I am looking for a co-op partner so if annyone wants to do co-op please reply in next hour.
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I'm ready for Co-op any time. I'll wait for instructions.
hello me again am i your friend because it seems i cant add you for some weird reason
Yes, I already added you.
ok can you send me an invite then because i cant:()
I sent you an invite. I'm all ready.
i cant awnser
Are you having any troubles...?
I think if you go to Co-Op and click the standard one it will say if someone has invited you or not.
In the friends list, you can also see if anyone has invited you to play.
you are not my friend apparently your not online
I'm not sure what's the problem. Have you accepted the friend request or...?
Maybe exiting Steam and re-entering might work.
I have sent you messages as well...
You should go to play Standard Co-Op and see if my invite made it to you.
someone doing it with me now sorry i couldnt play with you:(:(:(:(:(:(
It's alright.
just sent you an invite. confirm & then let's test! ;-)
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