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Singh 2013年3月26日 1時15分
Testing New Map - Lab Rats Wanted
Hello all,

I finished this map a couple of days ago and wanted to get some feedback (constructive of course). Let me know if it's too easy, hard, long, confusing etc. Remember Cave Johnson donated his body to science and so can you. Just follow the link below.

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Singh 2013年3月29日 0時59分 
This map now has a cousin and he's not as kind. Even Cave Johnson is worried.


Time to muscle up and test some chambers people.

Jiik 2013年3月29日 9時56分 
i'll test em, ok? (when i can of course)
Castor Russ 2013年3月30日 18時25分 
I'll check it out and give feedback. I just published one too, please give it a try and let me know what you think as well

matt.c.sully 2014年4月6日 7時20分 
I'll be happy to test it out if you'll try mine as well. I'll leave you some comments soon.
1-4 / 4 のコメントを表示
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