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ARobot 2013年11月15日下午8:08
Have PS3 Game help me get it on computer
I have bought a digital version of portal 2 off the ps3 store what ever its called, but ive looked up how to get it and it says i need a code that was on a piece of paper, in the box, but the problem is i got it digilatly, as software, not a game disk. so is it possible for me to obtain this game.

i think its possible because i can login to steam on my ps3 and it shows the achevements on my comp. ty for the help :balloonicorn:
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Angelwork 2013年11月15日下午8:16 
I don't think it's possible to do what you're describing.
fitzgerald_bd 2013年11月15日下午8:47 
no doesnt work that way licences arent cross platform
Potato 2013年11月15日下午8:55 
it's not possible. there are different codes for steam and ps3 as they're two different companies and different platforms. you have to purchase the PC version of the game on Steam. The code you are talking about comes with the physical copy of PS3 game and gives you a discount for buying portal 2 on PS3.
tijuanatornado1 2013年11月15日下午11:07 
yea i bought digital copy too not have code neither
Potato 2013年11月16日上午6:38 
like I said, you have to purchase the physical PS3 copy to get the code I think you're on about. the code only gives you discount for the pc version. i have the ps3 and pc version through buying the physical copy and that code only gives you discount.
ARobot 2013年11月16日上午7:55 
ok thanks
this isn't possible
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