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Oliy Lord 2013年11月12日上午9:39
Portal 3?
There have been romours around that there is going to be a Portal 3!!! What do u guys think
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KlappBaum 2013年11月12日上午10:23 
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vac banned 2013年11月14日上午11:23 
Che 2013年11月14日下午12:26 
Can be an exclusive for steam machines for a first time :)
Portal episode 1
| \_/ () 2013年11月15日上午5:43 
last month a Half-Life 3 trademark appeared on VALVe's page and 2 days later a Portal 3 trademark was spotted. I sure hope they don't release P3 before HL3, but it might be best if their next game is called only "3", which combines portal, hl and eventually another VALVe game. ofcourse, on their second physics engine - sourse 2.
I also hope we'll find out what F-stop is (the mechanic, which VALVe was planning to put in portal 2 while they were making it without Chell, GLaDOS or even portals).
Rogue Jedi 2013年11月15日上午11:36 
I'm not sure a full cross-over between Half-Life and Portal would be a good idea.
ugandan knuckles 2013年11月15日下午12:09 
They're not making portal 3. Because Valve can't count to 3.
Rogue Jedi 2013年11月15日下午12:16 
What about Left 4 Dead 3?
I wouldn't really want a portal 3 since portal 2 ended perfectly for me. I would definitely want half life 3 to be realeased and hopefully include things from portal such as the borealis
| \_/ () 2013年11月15日下午1:54 
I actually want more memorable features from portal in the next half life, like chell or portals."Portal 2 ended perfectly and I don't want another portal" means that I don't want chell in aperture anymore, not that I don't want more from her or GLaDOS and aperture. so "we send chell to Half-Life and make another game about GLaDOS, testing with the bots." is what I want to here from VALVe.
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Rogue Jedi 2013年11月15日下午1:59 
I want Portal 3 to have at least some single-player.
| \_/ () 2013年11月15日下午2:06 
how about 2 singlee-player campaigns? and a coop one. the first to be a story about atlas and the second - about p-body ?
BigMaxPorter 2013年11月15日下午3:29 
theres gona be 1
ive seen gameplay
Rogue Jedi 2013年11月15日下午5:38 
It's probably fake.
I hope all of u know that Portal and Half-Life, both of their story lines are connected. They are 2 companies and they are trying to beat one-another in technology. So i dont want to see another comment about mixing them together because they allready are mixed together
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