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Anime360 Jan 17 @ 5:15am
Portal 3 Alpha Footage
I was on Youtube a while back and saw some portal 3 alpha footage! wondering what you guys think about it if it's fake or real?
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PackSciences Jan 17 @ 5:44am 
Chomp the portal fan Jan 17 @ 7:22am 
i'd have to see it
ineseri Jan 17 @ 9:05am 
Very fake.
Mai Kitty Jan 17 @ 10:26am 
You really think that Valve would allow the release of portal footage on youtube?
ineseri Jan 17 @ 10:31am 
To be fair, Half Life 2 was leaked.
Turret Cube Jan 17 @ 10:32am 
Awful Waffler Jan 17 @ 10:47am 
Can someone post a url to the video in question?
Anime360 Jan 17 @ 3:46pm 
Here's a link to the vid on Youtube! :3
Anime360 Jan 17 @ 3:47pm 
In my opinion, its so fake cause the game doesn't look remotely like portal.
ineseri Jan 17 @ 3:50pm 
That's QUBE....
Anime360 Jan 17 @ 3:52pm 
There was a comment on the Youtube vid said the same thing (one person mentioned it)
Anime360 Jan 17 @ 3:55pm 
Just looked over the comments again and Qube was mentioned a few more times as well as the fact that Potal 3 is being released in 2014-2015
ineseri Jan 17 @ 3:59pm 
That's hopefully a lie and false information. I don't want a Portal 3. However, QUBE is great fun and you should try it :)
Anime360 Jan 17 @ 4:01pm 
Sounds cool! I also saw that QUBE is getting released for Wii U but thats usless for me cuz I don't own one... LOL :3
For everyone's information they are making a 3rd portal game. And it's not called Portal 3 it's called Conversion. And it fills in the blanks of what happened when Chell was asleep for 9 months.q
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