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Tails the fox May 16 @ 6:41am
is there going to be a portal 3? V2
i heard it on a tv show
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goldencompass May 16 @ 11:11am 
Unless enough people care about Doug Rattmann (since Chell has "escaped" Aperture, making a third installment concerning her wouldn't fit. I'd like to hear what happened to Chell after her escape and what is her true origin, but I think it would be better to conclude her story with a novel, short movie series, comics, HL3(?)), a third installment would be unnecessary.
tl;dr lol
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Mr. Crowley May 16 @ 1:35pm 
Probably you heard about how much people would like portal 3 and what they would like to expect of it. Since there is no news from valve, everything else you hear is ether fake or just opnions.

About Doug Rattmann... I can't see him as a main char in the series, to make a big difference nor make a very interesting story, not without Chell included. We feel connected to Chell and yet, we can ether leave her behind to the peaceful outside or bring her back to aperture to bring the last of the last, a super happy ending with many questions finaly answered.

This is how I see Portal 3 starting (depending on half life lore):

When Source engine 2 comes out, things will get interesting with this question.
Tails the fox May 16 @ 4:30pm 
i heard it on a
tv show
Carpe Diem May 17 @ 7:21am 
It would be nice but unless Chell goes back for some unknown reason I don't see this happening
Tails the fox May 17 @ 7:23am 
yeah me either
Carpe Diem May 17 @ 7:24am 
what tv show was this? Was it like... A talk show?
Tails the fox May 17 @ 7:25am 
it was um... wait that show is.... nah...
Portalgames May 17 @ 1:34pm 
Honestley,i do not know.But on youtube i saw a video intro of portal 3 made by valve!I just hope that there is a portal 3.
Tails the fox May 17 @ 5:19pm 
that was fake
Squirrelman56 May 17 @ 5:31pm 
Valve is not going to make a Portal 3. They're planning to make Half-Life 3 first.
Squirrelman56 May 17 @ 5:31pm 
Plus, we know WAY to much about the secrets of Portal. I don't think they will.
Tails the fox May 17 @ 5:32pm 
hl3 dosent egsist its hl2 ep:3
Tails the fox May 17 @ 5:32pm 
they are going to have 2 more eps after ep 3
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