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Silver Scrub May 12 @ 6:15pm
can I play the game alone??
was levelling up and got a 90% off coupon so I though why not and there's so much co-op around the page so I wonder if is it a necessity to have a friend to play the game??
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A-06 May 12 @ 7:15pm 
No, there are single-player chambers, too. And, of course, the solo campaign.
HBZK100 May 12 @ 9:02pm 
yeah, single player chambers and single player community test chambers.
MDZ jimmY May 13 @ 12:35am 
the main part of the game is the solo campaign, which alone already is totally worth the price.
ThorThunder, The Wabbit May 13 @ 6:16am 
Nope. Almost all the 2 gig size is for the single-player. Great game, too. Probably my favorite. Not a lot of play-back enjoyment, but there's always the community workshop! ;)
RogueElement May 13 @ 6:33pm 
I've yet to play Portal 2 but recently started Portal. I know there are 19 chambers within the game. I've viewed some of the expansion levels made by the community and they are worth looking into later on. I am curious to how many levels or chambers are in Portal 2. Can anyone be of assistance? Thank you.
Skulldragon[BE] May 13 @ 6:50pm 
Ii can't exactly tell how many but portal 2 is way beggir then portal 1. And to my opinion has a better story line too.
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