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Dawnshepherd Apr 21, 2014 @ 7:01am
I need a good co-op player
Here my NOT completed Achievements, Add me to friends list

You Saved Science

Complete all test chambers in all courses of co-op

Iron Grip

Never lose a cube in Chamber 6 of the Mass and Velocity co-op course

Can't Touch This

Dance in front of a turret blocked by a hard light bridge in co-op

Empty Gesture

Drop your co-op partner in goo while they are gesturing by removing the bridge under them

Party of Three

Find the hidden companion cube in co-op test chamber

Narbacular Drop

Place a portal under your co-op partner while they are gesturing

Professor Portal

After completing co-op, complete Calibration Course online with a friend who hasn’t played before

Portal Conservation Society

Complete Chamber 3 in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course using only 5 total portal placements

Triple Crown

Solve 3 co-op chambers in the Mass and Velocity course in under 60 seconds each

Still Alive

Complete Course 4 with neither you nor your co-op partner dying

Asking for Trouble

Taunt GLaDOS in front of a camera in each of the five co-op courses

Rock Portal Scissors

Win 3 co-op games of rock-paper-scissors in a row

Friends List With Benefits

While playing co-op, hug 3 different people on your friends list

Talent Show

Never lose a cube in Chamber 6 of the Mobility Gels co-op course
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Dawnshepherd Apr 21, 2014 @ 7:08am 
Originally posted by Pinhead:
My problem is my english but I could help you with all excpet Professor Portal if you wish

Great! add me to friend list!

halfacookie Apr 21, 2014 @ 5:12pm 
Yes Add Me To Your Friend List
i can help
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Portal 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details
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