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H.Devel Apr 7, 2014 @ 6:34am
Request for Dualshock 4 support on Portal 2 on Mac
Can you please add small update for support Dualshock 4 (in wireless mode). Game has ignored this controller. And buggy work in wired mode.

Thanks a lot!
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DragonFax Apr 25, 2014 @ 1:20pm 
I'd like Dualshock 3 support as well. The Mac already supports it. They just need to add the controller profile to the game. Othewise its got the wrong button mappings.
KGB_Watchs_You Mar 1, 2015 @ 12:40pm 
I'd like it too ! Now Mac can support DS 4 wireless, a little upgrade sould be welcome !
jansegre Feb 8, 2016 @ 5:03pm 
I'm really intereseted on this too. I had previously assumed from the "full controller support" that there would be no problems. My OS X recognizes the controller perfectly fine and I use it for many games already, no problem either wired or bluetooth, but on Portal 2 it doesn't work, either way (wired/bluetooth). The controller mapping shows an Xbox controller, which is doesn't map correctly at all, some buttons do some things, but nothing playable. The worst part is that the mapping is the other way around, instead of maping actions to buttons/sticks, it maps buttons/sticks to actions, since it has the buttons and sticks from the Xbox it is not possible to configure it for the DS4.

I wonder if there is a workaround, like messing with a file or a script to make it work.
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Portal 2 > General Discussions > Topic Details
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