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DillyDillXD (Birthday Soon) 2014年4月4日 20時32分
Best Settings For Srcdemo2 (SPEEDRUNNERS ONLY)
If you do not bhop or speedrun or post speedruns on portal 2, Do not read this only for us speedrunners.
The best settings that i have figured out is
Final Video FPS: 30 Frames Per Second
Motion Blur Blend Rate: 32 frames per frame
Simulated Shutter Angle: 200 degrees
Some extra things to make it better:
Edit with after effects. After effects cc makes it way smoother.
Sony vegas is a little different but still good.
Somepeople say 180 is the best degrees but that is not true. 200 is. Use after effects cc just to increase the frameblend
Thanks! To every speedrunner that doesn't know me well im weabole.
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