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Melony Apr 2, 2014 @ 2:16am
Bluetooth Headphone problems?
So, I know I'm not really *supposed* to use it on my PC, but I've got a Turtle Beach PX51 headset connected to my PC through the bluetooth function. It works good for basic stuff, definitely better than my computer's speakers for sure, and I AM planning on eventually (very soon) getting a good, expensive headset that can properly switch between PC and Console.

But, for now, I want to at least be able to play Portal 2 with my Bluetooth Headphone setup -- and it doesn't appear to be working.

This is what happens:
I'll open Portal 2 up, and I'll get the short, creepy Valve sequence just fine - the sound is even pretty good, to top it off.
But as soon as the screen cuts to the Main Menu, all of a sudden the sound cuts out and it's total crap. It's like I'm listening through water or something, it's kind of staticy and just terrible altogether.

When this first happened, I thought, "Oh, great. I'm gonna have to play the WHOLE GAME with the sound like this. Just wonderful." So FIRST I tried popping into the Options and switching things around a bit.

Now, these PX51's are designed for Dolby 5.1 Digital, but I don't have them plugged into my computer (you'd think I would, yet for some reason even though this is a superb computer, it actually DOESN'T have a Digital Optical outlet. The crap is that?). Now, even though these headphones are DESIGNED for 5.1, I figured, 'what the hell' that, MORE THAN LIKELY, the 5.1 sound wouldn't work through the BLUETOOTH. I mean that's a bit much to ask of something like that.

So, I started skimming through all the different sound options -- this, in itself, is a serious hassle. Steam is the worst with this, but with a lot of games in general, when the Bluetooth headphones disconnect (and they always, always do as soon as you start screwing around with the audio), then you have to restart the whole game to get the sound to start working again. So several times I jumped in and out of the game, trying to see if the sound got any better.

It didn't.

So then, I went in and changed it one last time to 5.1. And I decided, "what the hell." I was sick of screwing with it, decided JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT to start the game up and I was priming to turn on my computer's speakers ony to find that, OHMYGOSH, suddenly THE SOUND WAS WORKING when I actually BEGAN THE GAME, and it was BEAUTIFUL too, it sounded amazing! I was so happy! YayYay!

But I started playing through and decided "you know, I really should've replayed Portal before starting this up - it's been a good year now" and I play games for the plot, and I remember Portal being a pretty quick and easy game, so I decided to leave Portal 2 and hop onto Portal for the day. Beat it in one sitting today, of course (that includes finding all the locations for all the radios), and finally I've finished Portal and I'm excited to pop pack to Portal 2.

When I finally opened Portal 2 back up, the sound was crappy in the Main Menu again - I expected that, though, and I was cool with that. "It'll work properly when I started playing the game." I told myself.
I load up my game, and immediately, the sound completely cuts out.

My headphones start bleeping at me that they got disconnected, that they've reconnected, and then they just get disconnected again. They keep looping like this until evidently they officially give up all on their own -- and the sound never works besides these tiny intermittent terrible sounds in between the time it connects for a second and then disconnects.

So, if you've stuck with me this whole time, I have one simple question: Is there any solution to this massive mess? I left the game and re-joined it several times while switching all of the different audio settings to try and see if maybe I had put it on some specific setting last time and hadn't even realized it. Either I just got lucky last time, or this doesn't seem to be the case.

I kind of can't play Portal 2 until I get this fixed. I really want to hear what's going on this time - last time I played Portal 2, on my Xbox360, it was in a living room in the evenings while my whole family was wandering around making noise and making it impossible to hear anything - I pretty much only caught bits and pieces and the general gyst of the main plot. So there's a lot I missed, and I'd like to really get into it this time around.

Anyone able to help? Sorry for the long post. I tend to do that. A lot.
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Date Posted: Apr 2, 2014 @ 2:16am
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