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TheFadeShade 2014年3月30日 18時18分
Who Is Your Favorite Character In Portal 2?
Who? including all cores(including wheatley, space, adventure, and fact core,, announcer, cave, Glad0s, etc!
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ThePlagued 2014年3月30日 19時59分 
none of them had any personality aside Caroline and Cave. so i'd say Cave.
Soreasan 2014年3月31日 11時51分 
Cave is amazing, but i have to say the floor panels are cute when they fight and bang into walls.
Trafalgar Law 2014年3月31日 18時41分 
I really love Wheatley. I don't care if everyone else hates him, I love the guy- er.. Core. :D
xCarox 2014年3月31日 20時00分 
I don't know if they're my favourites, but I love the turrets. They're too cute, even if they're trying to kill you :c Otherwise, I'd have to go with Wheatly. He's hilarious.
bchill53 2014年4月1日 15時39分 
Wheatley! Hands down.
AlphaCore 2014年4月1日 17時43分 
pixeltime 2014年4月1日 20時30分 
I like Rick (the Adventure Sphere).
最近の変更はpixeltimeが行いました; 2014年4月1日 20時30分
SniperTurret Commander #52 2014年4月2日 10時23分 
GlaDOS all the way. Her negative comments and sarcasm: Hilarious!!
WIN City 2014年4月2日 13時55分 
GlaDOS and those hilarious comments
BluLizardHero 2014年4月3日 12時26分 
I like....... Wheatley and Turrets the most. Wheatley is special, the turrets are too cute, and GlaDOS is..... Well...... She tried to kill you more than once and..... Yeah. Who cant resist a cute little turret saying: "You are different" or something else really, well except when they do that beeping sound before they fire.
Kamenos 2014年4月3日 18時37分 
GLaDOS. What do you mean other characters? Beside GLaDOS they might as well be ambient sounds in the background
m4x1m0 2014年4月3日 18時42分 
GLaDOS always...
Faulty 2014年4月8日 13時37分 
Turret, who forgot the turret...

Okay turrets was from 1 but i'll go with defective turrets...
KutterSkunk 2014年4月8日 15時25分 
The the fatter turret
(hes at the end and you can see him in the elevators threw out the game)
Faulty 2014年4月8日 15時28分 

kutterbeck の投稿を引用:
The the fatter turret
(hes at the end and you can see him in the elevators threw out the game)

1-15 / 45 のコメントを表示
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