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TheFadeShade 30 mar 2014, ore 18:18
Who Is Your Favorite Character In Portal 2?
Who? including all cores(including wheatley, space, adventure, and fact core,, announcer, cave, Glad0s, etc!
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ThePlagued 30 mar 2014, ore 19:59 
none of them had any personality aside Caroline and Cave. so i'd say Cave.
Soreasan 31 mar 2014, ore 11:51 
Cave is amazing, but i have to say the floor panels are cute when they fight and bang into walls.
Trafalgar Law 31 mar 2014, ore 18:41 
I really love Wheatley. I don't care if everyone else hates him, I love the guy- er.. Core. :D
xCarox 31 mar 2014, ore 20:00 
I don't know if they're my favourites, but I love the turrets. They're too cute, even if they're trying to kill you :c Otherwise, I'd have to go with Wheatly. He's hilarious.
bchill53 1 apr 2014, ore 15:39 
Wheatley! Hands down.
AlphaCore 1 apr 2014, ore 17:43 
pixeltime 1 apr 2014, ore 20:30 
I like Rick (the Adventure Sphere).
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SYITH 2 apr 2014, ore 10:23 
GlaDOS all the way. Her negative comments and sarcasm: Hilarious!!
FaNt0M 2 apr 2014, ore 13:55 
GlaDOS and those hilarious comments
BluLizardHero 3 apr 2014, ore 12:26 
I like....... Wheatley and Turrets the most. Wheatley is special, the turrets are too cute, and GlaDOS is..... Well...... She tried to kill you more than once and..... Yeah. Who cant resist a cute little turret saying: "You are different" or something else really, well except when they do that beeping sound before they fire.
Kamenos 3 apr 2014, ore 18:37 
GLaDOS. What do you mean other characters? Beside GLaDOS they might as well be ambient sounds in the background
m4x1m0 3 apr 2014, ore 18:42 
GLaDOS always...
Oculus 8 apr 2014, ore 13:37 
Turret, who forgot the turret...

Okay turrets was from 1 but i'll go with defective turrets...
KutterSkunk 8 apr 2014, ore 15:25 
The the fatter turret
(hes at the end and you can see him in the elevators threw out the game)
Oculus 8 apr 2014, ore 15:28 

Messaggio originale di kutterbeck:
The the fatter turret
(hes at the end and you can see him in the elevators threw out the game)

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