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PotatOS Gaming 2014年3月29日上午2:30
Bug with TeamSpen210's GLaDOS Monitors
So I decided to play a hammer map that had wheatley monitors, then my cousin asked me to play his map that had GLADOS MONITORS, I went into it and the GLaDOS monitor turned into a Wheatley Monitor.

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ThePlagued 2014年3月29日上午2:33 
I wasn't even aware GLaDOS monitors where a thing.
PotatOS Gaming 2014年3月29日上午2:34 
You can get them by downloading Beemod 2 and teamspen210's addon for it.
TeamSpen210 2014年3月29日上午3:11 
That's very weird, unless he added the Wheatley model into it. The cameras work by rendering another room outside the main map, so they shouldn't copy things over like that. Is there a background room, showing GLaDOS's core chamber? (Behind Wheatley.)
PotatOS Gaming 2014年3月29日上午3:38 
No, there was no GLaDOS room nor Wheatley!
PotatOS Gaming 2014年3月29日上午3:38 
Its very strange!
正在显示第 1 - 7 条,共 7 条留言
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