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warzaw911 2014年3月24日 11時51分
How do you take screenshots on a mac? (for portal 2) Im pressing F5 and it wont work.
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[DA] nintendo.erk 2014年3月24日 13時28分 
In windows it's f12, maybe on mac too?
warzaw911 2014年3月24日 14時59分 
no it just raises the volume. i tried it with fn+f5. fn makes it so that it doesnt raise the volume. it didnt work
SniperTurret Commander #52 2014年3月24日 19時59分 
Hey, if you hit shift+tab while ingame, it will bring up the steam network with friends list, etc. On the bottom, there's a button that says "Set shortcut" or something, you'll see it. Then set it to what you want. (I set it to keypad 9, it works well for me). Hope this helps!
warzaw911 2014年3月25日 20時04分 
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Portal 2 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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