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Murdercorn 3月1日上午8:11
Portal 2 constant co-op crash?
Everytime a friend and myself try to play a game it crashes after about 2 minutes of play time. No idea why, help?
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Still Best Korea 3月1日上午11:10 
For me it crashes when it says "Search for Co-Op partner".I really hope there is aq fix to this
snowTiger 3月2日上午9:42 
I am getting this issue too, first time back to portal 2 in awhile, and first time playing coop. again, not sure why.
Pacman 3月2日上午10:01 
Crashes for me on most levels now. Only recently started .Mostly when picking up block or portaling. sometimes just happens randomly !
Dr.RainbowSwag 3月2日上午10:59 
there is probably a problem with Steam thats why the game crashed
stajbetty 3月9日下午5:03 
I'm having this problem, where Portal 2 crashes when "searching" for a co-op friend. Is there a fix?
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