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sarahdenny 28. Feb. 2014 um 10:58 Uhr
Reasons for a change in laws of physics?
Perhaps we're not only in space, but in space in another universe,.
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TeamSpen210 28. Feb. 2014 um 11:56 Uhr 
Doesn't air resistance play a part here? You are wearing Long Fall Boots to protect against high falls, which could be doing something to your momentum in order to protect you from injury.
sarahdenny 1. März 2014 um 6:11 Uhr 
Air resistance would slow us down, but why do we fall at a faster rate than the sphere? Do you recall anything in the storyline about artificial gravity in the test chambers?
sarahdenny 2. März 2014 um 8:27 Uhr 
Further experimentation concluded that frankencubes fall faster than the other three cubes which all drop at the same rate. The sphere falls the slowest of them all.
Mountain Man 3. März 2014 um 6:53 Uhr 
You're assuming all the objects are the same density. In an atmosphere, an object's rate of descent is related to its density.
sarahdenny 3. März 2014 um 7:04 Uhr 
Sorry no, Mountain Man. Galileo showed us everything falls at the same rate here on Earth, 9.8 meters per square second. Acceleration due to gravity in a Portal test chamber seems to vary depending on the object's mass or density though.
istvan_v 3. März 2014 um 7:16 Uhr 
Ursprünglich geschrieben von sarahdenny:
Air resistance would slow us down, but why do we fall at a faster rate than the sphere?

Well, if the sphere is very light, then it would be slowed down more by drag (or, more precisely, there would be less force from gravity to accelerate against the drag, which increases with velocity), and affected more by buoyancy. Although that might not actually be simulated by the engine, and the developers could have made it affected less by gravity as a simple way of giving the impression of a low density "ball".
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