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The 115 Pichu 2014年2月16日下午7:38
why wont my portal 2 work?
so i updated my desktop from win 8 to win 8.1 and now it wont work any ideas why if so can you help me fix it?
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The 115 Pichu 2014年2月16日下午10:32 
come on guys it instantly closes as soon as i play it plz help i ♥♥♥♥ing love this game
StarWatcher 2014年2月17日上午1:23 
Having the same issue since this morning, also updated to Win 8.1 (don't ask me why). hope it works out for you!
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[ASW] LaTrancheDePain 2014年2月17日上午3:08 
I don't have Windows 8... but if it's like in other Windows versions, try to right click on it, properties, compability and click on "launch as Windows 7" or anything.
The 115 Pichu 2014年2月17日下午1:46 
i fixed it by validating the game cache so it seems like its fine now :\
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