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jacksonethoms3 Feb 14 @ 12:56pm
does anyone want DLC for this game?
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Konke Feb 14 @ 1:17pm 
What kind of DLC do you have in mind? If you mean a new story line with new puzzles, both sp and mp then sure. But at the same time, the community already tributes with that. Valve specific? Sure!
Portal-Penguin Feb 14 @ 5:36pm 
ill take it if konkes not geting it
Mathroy Feb 14 @ 5:40pm 
There are no paid DLC's for Portal 2, PotatOwned. He's talking about Valve adding more stuff to the game.
jacksonethoms3 Feb 14 @ 6:25pm 
There sorta is already dlc tests off communty tests
{-SGU-} JZ_Rainbow_Flarez Feb 14 @ 9:57pm 
yes i would love this game to get a DLC because its my fav game at the moment and second most played game on steam!!!!
Gemarakup Feb 15 @ 10:33am 
Well, there's DLC peer review and there's the PTI DLC. I would like a new DLC, but the community is covering that already.
jacksonethoms3 Feb 20 @ 8:15pm 
you can sorta get community level dlc
Bubble Head Feb 21 @ 6:10am 
I wanna DLC or more stuff.
piripiago Feb 21 @ 10:01am 
Originally posted by Gemarakup:
Well, there's DLC peer review and there's the PTI DLC.

Portal 2 already has two DLC. They just happened (I'm guessing) before you started playing Portal 2. From the main menu:

Play Cooperative Game
(*/steamapps/common/Portal 2/poral2_dlc1/)

Community Test Chambers
(*/steamapps/common/Portal 2/poral2_dlc2/)
Keisan Feb 21 @ 3:16pm 
Here's a DLC : BEEMod.
Portal-Penguin Feb 24 @ 12:47pm 
ooh id like more pure testing like in portal 1
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