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FRICKEN_ROAST!!! Feb 14 @ 12:56pm
does anyone want DLC for this game?
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Konke Feb 14 @ 1:17pm 
What kind of DLC do you have in mind? If you mean a new story line with new puzzles, both sp and mp then sure. But at the same time, the community already tributes with that. Valve specific? Sure!
ill take it if konkes not geting it
Mathroy Feb 14 @ 5:40pm 
There are no paid DLC's for Portal 2, PotatOwned. He's talking about Valve adding more stuff to the game.
FRICKEN_ROAST!!! Feb 14 @ 6:25pm 
There sorta is already dlc tests off communty tests
JZ_Rainbow_Flarez Feb 14 @ 9:57pm 
yes i would love this game to get a DLC because its my fav game at the moment and second most played game on steam!!!!
Gemarakup Feb 15 @ 10:33am 
Well, there's DLC peer review and there's the PTI DLC. I would like a new DLC, but the community is covering that already.
FRICKEN_ROAST!!! Feb 20 @ 8:15pm 
you can sorta get community level dlc
[CZ] ATOMIC Feb 21 @ 6:10am 
I wanna DLC or more stuff.
piripiago Feb 21 @ 10:01am 
Originally posted by Gemarakup:
Well, there's DLC peer review and there's the PTI DLC.

Portal 2 already has two DLC. They just happened (I'm guessing) before you started playing Portal 2. From the main menu:

Play Cooperative Game
(*/steamapps/common/Portal 2/poral2_dlc1/)

Community Test Chambers
(*/steamapps/common/Portal 2/poral2_dlc2/)
La Tranche De Pain Feb 21 @ 3:16pm 
Here's a DLC : BEEMod.
[Clan] ★Santa goat! ★ ツ Feb 24 @ 12:47pm 
ooh id like more pure testing like in portal 1
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