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-[FF-A]- Drewski 2月10日下午6:07
Portal 2 on Linux
Steam machines will be out Mid or later this year. And I Don't want to have to Stream it to my TV. Will Portal 2 be on Linux by the time Steam Machines are relased or even at all?

At least the First Portal is. So I Have that
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Kaamalauppias51 2月11日上午6:19 
-[FF-A]- Drewski 2月11日下午4:04 
That was Helpful.....
Ru.sh 2月13日下午2:39 
As Valve is betting heavily on Linux and SteamOS with the Steam Machines, I think it will just be a matter of time before Portal 2 comes to Linux as well. Most Source games already have a native port because the engine is fully ported to Linux, so in this case I think it's just a matter of some devs at Valve getting together and finalizing a Portal 2 port. I can't say when though, since I'm not a Valve employee but patience is key :-)
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ᅚᅚ[ZXC] 2月15日下午9:14 
Did u know steam os only runs liunx games? so why would we buy that ♥♥♥♥ now...
Szkodnix 2月16日上午1:45 
Dude, SteamOS is a Debian, so what to flack did you expect?
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