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GuinnessDrewer 2014年2月8日上午6:10
looking for friend who NEVER play co-op
hi is there someone who want to play for the FIRST TIME the co-op with me? i want to complete the achievment... just add me
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OlicZ 2014年2月8日下午8:06 
hi, mate!
gaterr2002 2014年2月9日下午6:40 
I'm up for some co-op.
aaronblob17 2014年2月14日下午4:50 
i dont even have the game
Christianc 2014年2月15日下午2:51 
引用自 gaterr2002
I'm up for some co-op.
I need the same achievement if you want add me
Ambiguous Assassin 2014年2月16日下午5:03 
I can imagine a group of people who all need the Professor Portal achievement, jumping up and down, shouting "Pick me!"
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