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Holoyuri 1. úno. 2014 v 9.18 odp.
PS4 Controller Support
The day has arrived. The day of new controllers. Throwing the outdated and bringing in the new. But my question is - if/when will the PS4 Controller, and also, Xbox One (I'm not going all console-fanboy right now, if PS4 gets added, I'm not laughing at Xbone). Whenever I try to use it on Portal, the only thing that seems to work is R2/RT. And it brings me to the menus. The buttons, are, also, jumbled. Am I just being an idiot and not clicking a simple thing in "Options", or is there really no new-gen controller support yet/ever?
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omegablue0231 1. úno. 2014 v 10.16 odp. 
There's not any yet, give it time. It could take a year.

Remember these aren't made for the PC.
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