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eusgr86 Jun 27 @ 9:01am
I keep on crashing. When I click portal 2 I crash. D: Why?
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eusgr86 Jun 27 @ 9:01am 
(My COMPUTER crashes)
kevinhubregtse Jun 27 @ 9:50am 
you can left click on the game---> properties -----> validate files
eusgr86 Jun 27 @ 10:04am 
How? plz reply!
kevinhubregtse Jun 27 @ 10:21am 
library------> game of choice -------> properties ----- validate files
eusgr86 Jun 27 @ 10:40am 
Where is "validate files"? (I have windows 8)
[Matrix] TemsterGaming Jun 27 @ 10:50am 
eusgr86 Jun 27 @ 11:13am 
Plz reply?

AidenNAbedding Jun 27 @ 12:52pm 
all i did to fix crashing is delete and reinstall portal 2

HJC86 Jun 27 @ 1:36pm 
Originally posted by eusgr86:
Where is "validate files"? (I have windows 8)
In Steam itself. Not with the shortcut on the desktop. And otherwise delete and install the game again like AidenNabedding says
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Laptop65 Jun 27 @ 1:45pm 
Originally posted by eusgr86:
Plz reply?
You can Google it if you can't figure it out.
Rain, the Kitty Jun 27 @ 3:13pm 
Library > Right Click on Portal 2 > Properties > "Verify Game Cache" or something like that.
melanie.stegman Jun 27 @ 6:16pm 
Hey I'm on a Mac 10.6.8 and Portal2 on't launch through steam. Grey window comes up saying Preparing to launch... then it disappears and..... nothing.

I checks and my local game files are all valid. I just re-downloaded the whole thing thinking it might help... Any way! Please help!
jfbutler4 Jun 27 @ 8:58pm 
I'm also having trouble (exactly as described by Melanie). Uninstalled the game, steam itself, validated files, each multiple times. Afriad the newest update may have created an issue. I'm also on Mac 10.6.8. Anyone with any specific tips other than the usual as listed above?
Pokemon_ag Jun 27 @ 9:41pm 
This is why I have not opened mine in two weeks. All of these reported problems......
Supperlink Jun 27 @ 9:55pm 
I have a mac and having the same problems
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